Exchange System Manager in Exchange Server 2003 crashes when you click HELP

After updating some SBS servers 2003 I noticed that Exchange System manager crashes if I do click help. The problem is that Internet explorer 7 – which was installed during Windows Update changes the version of Psapi.dll which is used by Exchange system manger (older version) and by IE7. To solve this problem you just need to / Po posodobitvah sistemov SBS 2003 sem ugotovil, da se Exchange System Manager “obesi”, ce v njem pritisnem na tipko Help. Tezava je v tem, da tako IE7 kot Exchange 2003 izkoriscata Psapi.dll, ki se pa med njima razlikuje. Za rešitev težave sledite spodnjim navodilom:

1. Stop the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service (dependent services wil be also stopped) / Zaustavite servis Microsft Exchange System Attendant (pri tem sem bodo zaustavili še “odvisni” servisi).
2. Stop the IIS Admin Service (dependent services will be also stopped) / Zaustavite servis IIS Admin Service (pri tem se bodo zaustavili še “odvisni” servisi).
3. Rename the file Psapi.dll to Psapi.dll.tmp (or whatever) which can be found in your .Exchsrvrbin directory // Preimenujte Psapi.dll v Psapi.dll.tmp, datoteko pa najdete v mapi .Exchsrvrbin. <be> 4. Start stopped services / Ponovno poženite zaustavljene servise


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