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Gadgets for ITPros and not only…

Yesterday I was attending SloWUG meeting in Ljubljana… There was Joze Markic having a session (part 2) about various programs / gadgets / tools to simplify your daily tasks… I am inviting you to take a look at his PPT presentation that can be found on his blog.

Oh! There is also part 1 published on SloWUG PPT repository


“Realtime” answers… use and join #Windows

I know you might think IRC is a bit “out”… But… On server you can find fantastic channels like:

#Windows – Windows related questions and discussions
#Windows-Server – Windows server realated stuff…
#Powershell – Powershell stuff…

If you want realy quick answers or maybe some advices to folow… Get an IRC client for example mIRC, get connected to server and join those channels…

Izpis t.i. “zaščitenega skladišča”. / Protected storage dump.

Protected Storage PassView je orodje, ki vam “razkrije” vaša gesla, shranjena v t.i. protected storage. Torej gesla v poštnih odjemalcih, forme in gesla v vaših brskalnikih …
Protected storage pass view

Protected Storage PassView is a tool that allows you to view your passwords saved in so called “protected storage”. This are passwords from your mail clients and web browser forms and passwords.
Protected storage pass view

Več orodji / More tools: