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Windows server 2008 – TS Gateway

I would like to share with you fantastic experince of using Terminal services gateway – a new feature of Windows server 2008 terminal services.
It does allow user to use gateway that listens on port 443 (HTTPS / SSL) and then “route” remote desktop protocol to workstations inside network and FOR ME GREAT FEATURE even on other servers on the internet (so now you can lock RDP client to your IP address (where you have your TS Gateway server) and you will be able to access your servers through your TS Gateway and in this way even more secure your remote access).

I hope you will enjoy this fantastic feature!

To understand better I have some pictures to show…
(here you can download Visio files if you need to reedit something)

WAN to LAN example …

From Windows server 2008 – TS Gateway examples

WAN to LAN & WAN example …

From Windows server 2008 – TS Gateway examples


This article is about Slovenian IPv6 initiative and it is intended for Slovenian audience … Check for more information.

V petek sem se pogovarjal z g. Janom Zorzom, ki je pobudnik ideje Spletna stran oziroma celotna iniciativa ima idejo osveščanja in priprave na prehod iz IPv4 sveta v IPv6 svet. Bila sva predavatelja konference Infosek 2008 na kateri je Jan predstavil vizijo IPv6. Njegova predstavitev je objavljena tudi na spletni strani

Vabim vas na ogled…

The Greenbow IPSec VPN client

I was searching Google for an “universal” IPSec VPN client for Windows and I passed by website I decided to give a try to their product called TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client. I saw that they have also a mobile version but I need VPN client for my laptop so I decided to try this first.

I was impressed by simple installation and ease of use… I decided to write a short article and to attach some screenshots for you to see how simple it is to create / configure VPN tunnels with The Greenbow VPN Client.

Another great thing is that they have configuration examples for gateways on their website. If you are using let say Zyxel routers/firewalls/VPN gateways or let say m0n0wall VPN gateway just follow the examples on

Check my overview:
The Greenbow VPN client overview.docx
The Greenbow VPN client overview.pdf