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The Greenbow IPSec VPN client

I was searching Google for an “universal” IPSec VPN client for Windows and I passed by website http://www.thegreenbow.com. I decided to give a try to their product called TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client. I saw that they have also a mobile version but I need VPN client for my laptop so I decided to try this first.

I was impressed by simple installation and ease of use… I decided to write a short article and to attach some screenshots for you to see how simple it is to create / configure VPN tunnels with The Greenbow VPN Client.

Another great thing is that they have configuration examples for gateways on their website. If you are using let say Zyxel routers/firewalls/VPN gateways or let say m0n0wall VPN gateway just follow the examples on http://www.thegreenbow.com/vpn_gateway.html

Check my overview:
The Greenbow VPN client overview.docx
The Greenbow VPN client overview.pdf