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Reduce Sharepoint services 3.0 log.ldf files…

I had the problem that Sharepoint_Config-ID-.log.ldf grow realy BIG (14GB) on a content database of 1 GB!

You can solve this problem by using “Shrink” command in the MS SQL Server Management Studio Express

First you need to connect to your Sharepoint 3.0 database called: \.pipemssql$microsoft##sseesqlquery – just put this string in your “Server name” field:


 Create full backup of all databases before continuing!

After that we should change restore mode from “Full” (this the parameter that allows .log.ldf to grow that large as transaction logs are not purged) to “Simple”:

Expand Databases, right mouse click on Sharepoint_Config… Properties, Options, Recovery model: Simple and click OK

Shrink the database procedure:

Expand Databases, right mouse click on Sharepoint_Config… Tasks, Shrink, Files in File type select Log and click OK
Your log file will become radicaly smaller. 🙂

Be sure you backup your databases before this procedure and also on daily bases…

Good luck!

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Večkrat so me uporabniki Sharepoint services vprašali zakaj Sharepoint ne zna prikazati določenih ikon “znanih” datotek. Spodaj si lahko poberete zip datoteko z ikonami, XML konfiguracijsko datoteko ter .BAT(ch) datoteko, ki vam vse avtomatsko instalira/integrira. Odslej boste v svojem sharepointu lahko imeli “lepe” ikone za PDF, Excel webquery file, ZIP, RAR ter DWG. / More than one I have been asked how to add or maybe why Sharepoint does not support some known file extensions icons. So I created a zip file with icons, XML configuration file and .BAT(ch) procedure for automatic install/integration of this new icons to your Sharepoint.

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