Windows Sharepoint services z dodatnimi ikonami za datoteke z NE-Office končnicami. / Windows Sharepoint services with additional icons for NON-Office files extensions.

Večkrat so me uporabniki Sharepoint services vprašali zakaj Sharepoint ne zna prikazati določenih ikon “znanih” datotek. Spodaj si lahko poberete zip datoteko z ikonami, XML konfiguracijsko datoteko ter .BAT(ch) datoteko, ki vam vse avtomatsko instalira/integrira. Odslej boste v svojem sharepointu lahko imeli “lepe” ikone za PDF, Excel webquery file, ZIP, RAR ter DWG. / More than one I have been asked how to add or maybe why Sharepoint does not support some known file extensions icons. So I created a zip file with icons, XML configuration file and .BAT(ch) procedure for automatic install/integration of this new icons to your Sharepoint.

Povezave / links:

Current version 1.0 supports // PDF, DWG, ZIP, RAR, IQY (Excell webquery file) //
Sharepoint icons

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