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Powershell with task scheduler… This is the way to automate your IT! – single machine – p1

Well using Powershell interactively is something that we see all the time when Microsoft want to show us what and how we can automate our daily taks… But administrators want to know how can we schedule our brand new fantastic powershell scripts…

Ok, this guide will tell you how to do it… How to run separate commands from powershell and how to run a complete scripts so you can realy start to automate your stuff by using Powershell…

Example: I would like to schedule script that lists all processes running on a specific server
1. on my server I will first create a txt file (extension should be renamed to ps1 – as we are writing powershell script) called listproces.ps1
2. into the file I will put my scipt:

get-process | out-file c:processes.txt

3. start task scheduler on server and Create Basic Task
Name: Powershell list processes
Triger: Chose when you want your script to run
Action: Start a program
Program / script: powershell.exe
Add arguments: -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned –Noninteractive –Noprofile –File C:listproces.ps1

Important! You should set your task to run whether user is logged into a session or not… To do that do the folowing: