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FreeBSD in Hyper-V – WORKS!!!

I am so happy – I managed to make it work…
What we need to make FreeBSD run on Hyper-V:

– download FreeBSD ISO image from:
Download this ISO image:

– create new Virtual Machine using Hyper-V
remove default network card that is added by wizard
– add hardware and chose Legacy network adapter
– start the machine and “mount” ISO image to start booting FreeBSD…
– install it with parameters you want…

– **** NETWORK PROBLEMS **** Even if you are runing DHCP server on your network your FreeBSD machine will not get IP from your DHCP server (my machine did not) so I used ifconfig to add IP and gateway this way:

ifconfig de0 – this is IP in my subnet you should use one of your free IP’s
ifconfig de0 down
ifconfig de0 up

You can now chec status of your IP with:

Ok, now we need a gateway to get to the internet:
route add This will add your default gateway (for example my gateway is…

try to ping an public IP address to see it is working… As you can see in my screenshots it works for me. 🙂

FreeBSD on Hyper-V [docx]
FreeBSD on Hyper-V [pdf]

*** There is still one problem unsolved for now… If you try to reboot Free BSD, Hyper-V does not Turn off the machine … I am trying to solve that with some Nejc tricks 🙂