FreeBSD on Hyper-V – shutdown hangs…

If I try to reboot my working FreeBSD machine in HyperV it does not work… FreeBSD somehow hangs the reboot procedure and I need to reboot my Windows server 2008 with Hyper-V – it can not be turned off even by clicking on “Turn off…” in a virtual machine context menu…

For now the only solution I found is to use command:

shutdown -p now

and when it turns off I turn it back on with Hyper-V console…

 🙂 hope it helps


1 thought on “FreeBSD on Hyper-V – shutdown hangs…

  1. Alex

    Strange, but it does not work for me. May be you make some additional configuration to FreeBSD or Hyper-V. For my testing purpose I just install FreeBSD with “Minimal” configuration and when I try to reboot it, even with your proposed solution, the same problem always exist – “shutdown hangs”.



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