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Windows server 2008 NTFS / SMB2.0 changes part I (mklink)

 Making SYMLINK without any parameters using MKLINK command

 Making SYMLINKD using MKLINK /D command

 Making HARDLINK using MKLINK /H command

 Making JUNCTION using MKLINK /J command

When you are using this command you should know that …

  • When using without any parameters it makes symlink between two files … Files are accessible only localy on same machine.
  • When using with /D parameter it creates symlinkd link between two folders … linked folder is accessible only localy.
  • When using with /H parameter it creates hardlink between two files … This file is normaly accessible over the network and localy.
  • When using with /J parameter it creates so called Directory junction that makes folder accessible using different name… It works localy and over the network.
    So now you are able to share a folder in which you can put Directory junction folders, that normaly are not shared…