Samsung Omnia 7 // Windows phone 7 tethering… FINAL and WORKING!

How to enable tethering on Windows 7 x64 + Samsung Omnia 7  – Windows phone 7…

I do not know for Windows 7 32 bit but on 64 bit I got unknown device so you need to download drivers that can be found here (well exactly here). Download the package and install it.

Connect your phone using USB cable…

First dial: ##634#

Then dial: *#7284#

Choose: Modem, Tethered call

Device will reboot… 

Now you can create a connection to your ISP using dial up modem (chose Samsung mobile modem…)

dial string: (for my ISP – Mobitel Slovenia) *99#
username: mobitel
password: internet

When you click connect you may get error “no carier” (check the log in c:windowsmodemlogs)

If you get this error open device manager, go to your modem and get to properties… In advanced tab put this string in Extra initialization commands…:


*change the string “internet” into your Access point name (example: “accesspoint”)

It should go now!

This post is writen using my thetered connection. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia 7 // Windows phone 7 tethering… FINAL and WORKING!

  1. manojlovicl Post author

    I am using Omnia 7 so I do not know how it works on HTC – but my problem was not the first part of the solution but the drivers issue – I had an unknown device in stead of my phone… So if your phone is fully recognisable in Windows thethering should work…


  2. Gorazd

    Super Luka, ultimativc tale blog.
    One note: meni ni delalo dokler nisem klical številke *99***1# namesto *99# Vse ostalo pa po tvojih navodilih.



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