Windows Phone 7 – Active Sync issue… 80072F06 when using self-signed certificate

I am a proud owner of a brand new Windows phone 7 (running on Samsung Omnia…)! πŸ™‚ As soon as I did unpacked my phone I wanted to sync it with my Exchange server… I am using a self-signed certificate and first I had to install the certificate… Ok, you have two options here… You can go to and install a certificate directly from your certification authority or somehow put it on your phone by sending it to your email that you can access using web browser on Windows Phone 7…

Ok… To this step everything fine… But now I want to sync and I receive an error saying…

There is a problem with the certificate for Contact a support person or your service provider. Error Code: 80072F06

Hmm.. I tried to open my Outlook web access using web browser on my Windows Phone 7 and it worked without any problem – no certificate error warning… So I was realy confused now… My certificate is installed and I do not get any error what the hell is wrong with Active Sync now?

Well… You need to “reboot” your phone and everyting will start to work πŸ™‚

So press the power button and hold it for a few seconds until you receive a “Goodbye” on phone screen… After turning it back I tried to sync again and TADA! Everything is working now!

Peace and love,

5 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 – Active Sync issue… 80072F06 when using self-signed certificate

  1. Os

    What shall i say. Briljant!!!!
    Was busy for a quit some time to get this working with a self signed cert and no luck. It was frustrating that Iphone and Android works with a self signed cert and Windows Phone not. Jus a reboot of device is the trick!! Why did a not think about this earlier!!

    Thanks a gain for your post!!!


  2. Marko

    I have troubles with my company mail… we’re using TLS security and port 25. on WP7 I only have chance to select SSL security. is there any other way to bypass this since we’re only have TLS authentication? using OMnia.


  3. Ante

    Haha, i did everything to install certificate, load server setting, etc. Not working. Ofc i tought that MS, at least on WP7, got rid of unnecessary reboots. I guess i was wrong! Everything works now πŸ˜€



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