I like Bing but I do not like those photos…

I’d like to use Bing but without photos in background… I do not know why 🙂 but I am used to have and use a minimalistic searcher… If you are like me and would like to use Bing without background just use this link:


Happy binging…

3 thoughts on “I like Bing but I do not like those photos…

  1. Ata Pizdun

    i still don’t get why i’d want to even use bing. in what ways is it better then Google? because if it’s just a question of which company you preferr, then I’d go with google. Don’t get me wrong. I like the new Microsoft as much as the next guy, but google is just better 🙂


  2. Rebecca

    If people didn’t like the way Bing was they should just go back to google. I liked the pictures with the info. boxes. Now Bing is just like every other site. I will be going back to dog pile.


  3. switched to Bing

    I switched to Bing for many reasons, including the background photos. I learn something new everyday I go there. Bing’s search results are still not as comprehensive as Google’s but I still won’t go back to Google. I’m used to Bing, and I am happy with the level of results I DO get. And they are getting better every time I use Bing. Bing probably will never topple Google, but I will be a nice alternative to Google. We need more alternatives to Google, not just search but everything. Just as Google is an alternative to Microsoft.



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