TestExchangeConnectivity.com is getting ready…

For all you with any problems or concerns regarding Microsoft Exchange connectivity… You can test your Exchange server services like ActiveSync, Exchange Web services or Outlook connectivity by using: https://www.testexchangeconnectivity.com/ – fresh and new 🙂

EHLO team r0x! http://msexchangeteam.com/

3 thoughts on “TestExchangeConnectivity.com is getting ready…

  1. borut

    Testing Exchange Activesync for host https://xxx.com/Microsoft-Server-Activesync/
    Exchange Activesync test Failed
    Test Steps
    Attempting to Resolve the host name xxx.com in DNS.
    Host successfully Resolved
    Additional Details
    IP(s) returned: x.x.x.x

    Testing TCP Port 443 on xxx to ensure it is listening/open.
    The port was opened successfully.

    Testing SSL Certificate for validity.
    The SSL Certificate failed one or more certificate validation checks.
    Test Steps
    Validating certificate name
    Successfully validated the certificate name
    Additional Details
    Found hostname xxxin Certificate Subject Common name

    Validating certificate trust for Windows Mobile Devices
    Certificate trust validation failed
    Additional Details
    Certificate chain could not be built. You may be missing required intermediate certificates, See KB 927465 for more details.



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