Hyper-V in Hyper-V?!? :)

For testing and presentation puropuses I have installed inside my full Windows server 2008 64 BIT installation with Hyper-V another standalone Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 – everything works – you can even manage it using Hyper-V manager from other server but you can not (obviously! :)) run virtual machines. You get an error saying unable to create partition. You should be a wirdo to even think about souch stuff but I had a chance and I just could not resist pressing the START button. 🙂 So you know now… Hyper-V inside Hyper-V does not work! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hyper-V in Hyper-V?!? :)

  1. Player1

    it cannot work – there is just one IVT/AMDV instruction set and the hypervisor uses it to virtualize guests.
    it would make more sense to try something similar on a non-hypervisor solution like vmware server/ws or windows virtual server.
    i tried it on vmware ws but it does not work. not sure why but i suppose that it was using the IVT/AMDV (i forgot to turn it off).
    if you have the time you can try it… 😉


  2. Ninka

    @Player1: No it’s not the IVT-AMDV problem. See XenServer which also uses IVT/AMDV and is able to make hypervisor in hypervisor.


  3. klein


    I think it’s IVT-AMDV problem,

    because XenServer uses IVT/AMDVor Windows Guest VM,

    but if you don’t have IVT/AMDV, XenServer will use Paravirtualization Mode for linux, and you cann’t create windows Virtual Machine,

    the same problem is KVM, I try to use KVM in ESX but fail,
    because it need the IVT/AMDV


  4. sany

    I installed vmware esxi4.1 inside vmware workstation 7 its works fine.But the problem is when I create vm in esxi it was very slow



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