Monthly Archives: January 2008

Activesync policy to allow phone to be locked immediatly using Powershell in Exchange 2007

Set-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy -identity “POLICYNAME” -MaxInactivityTimeDeviceLock:00:00:00

This script allows you to use instant “lock” on your phone…

Add IP Blocklist provider using Powershell in Exchange 2007

Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name -LookupDomain -AnyMatch $True -Enabled $True -RejectionResponse “Your IP is blacklisted!

This script adds new provider called, makes lookups to and it works on any reply (,2 …), it does enable this provider and it sets response that is sent to sender.

Exchange 2007 certificates issues… – How to prepare certificate request – How to create certificate for mutiple hosts and how to configure certificate for specific service in Exchange 2007 – Modifying Outlook web access on Exchange 2007

It is possible that dedicated servers come in a cheap web hosting deal. However you might need to make certain compromises where the web design or the domain name registration is concerned.