Pozabljeno POP3/SMTP geslo v odjemalcu elektronske pošte? / Forgot your POP3/SMTP password that you use with your mail client?

S spodnjim orodjem lahko enostavno pridete do pozabljenih gesel. Brezplačen program je naredil Aleksandar Boros. (http://www.gsmblog.com/freeware/mpr/index.htm)
With the program, that is available on the below link you can recover your lost passwords. Freeware program was developped by Aleksandar Boros. (http://www.gsmblog.com/freeware/mpr/index.htm)

Mail password recovery
Zahtevane komponente / Required components
> > Hacking stuff < <
Enako bi lahko naredili z uporabo snifferja npr. Ethereal ali Wireshark. 🙂
Namig: Follow TCP stream
http://comparitech.net/bestnetworkanalyzers / http://www.wireshark.org/

The same thing could be achieved by using sniffer like Ethereal or Wireshark 🙂
Hint: Follow TCP stream
http://comparitech.net/bestnetworkanalyzers/ http://www.wireshark.org/

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