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Hyper-V 3.0 resource metering…

If you are hosting or if you just want to get the idea how is your Windows server 2012 with hyper-v role or hyper-v 3.0 server utilised you can use the hyper-v 3.0 resource metering powershell cmdlets…

First you need to enable metering on your host:

Get-VM -ComputerName hv01 | Enable-VMResourceMetering

Then you can choose the VM that you want to get info for:

Get-VM -ComputerName hv01 -Name VMName | Measure-VM

or differently formated:

Get-VM -ComputerName hv01 | Measure-VM | Sort-Object -Property AverageProcessorUsage -Descending | Select-Object -First 5 -Property ComputerName,VMName,AverageProcessorUsage

More commands you can find on:

But that’s “ugly” output 🙂 if you want to have nice graphical view of your stats you can use freeware: – great software!

Lets meter!


Hyper-V virtual machine backup script…

Today my friend Marko Cepe sent me his VBS script that does great job to backup virtual machines that are running on Hyper-V.
This script does shut down virtual machine by sending shut down command to machine using integration services, then it waits virtual machine to enter stopped state, after that it does export of the machine and turns the machine back on.


C:SKRIPTE> ExportVM.vbs VMName ExportDirectory


C:SKRIPTE> ExportVM.vbs TestVM X:BackupTestVM

Click, download and enjoy the script.

Comments appreciated…