Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 basic configuration

In this photo-slide-show you can see some basic configuration of Hyper-V server. In the last picture there is shown a remote connection with Hyper-V management tool from one of my servers to Hyper-V server. 

First of all you will see that Hyper-V server is very similar to Core version of Windows server 2008. To help you with basic configuration Hyper-V server does include somekind of “menu” to do some basic tasks.

🙂 First problem that I see here is… What happens if I close this menu? How I get to it once again? Well… I did not find the answer on the internet as Hyper-V server is just to “fresh”. But I searched the registry and I found where this menu is located:


So if you accidentally close the menu you can find and run it from this location.

Next is… Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 needs to be managed from other machine with Hyper-V tools installed. But out-of-the-box Hyper-V Server has firewall enabled. Now you have two options. Or to disable firewall or to add ports to remotely manage Hyper-V service using Hyper-V tools (you can manage Hyper-V server from another Windows server 2008 with Hyper-V tools (even on 32-bit edition) or from Windows Vista workstation with Hyper-V tools installed).

To open firwall to allow remote management of HyperV service type folowing line in your Hyper-V Server command prompt:

netsh firewall set portopening ALL 137 “Hyper-V Management”

This allows remote connections from other machines using Hyper-V Manager.

I also like to be able to copy ISO images to Hyper-V server and for this reason you need to open another two ports or enable sharing. I did it in this way:

netsh firewall set portopening ALL 139 “Sharing 01”

netsh firewall set portopening ALL 445 “Sharing 02”

This two ports allow SMB over TCP you can read more on this on:’s_port_445_in_w2k_xp_2003.htm

9 thoughts on “Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 basic configuration

  1. Mike

    Do the drivers have an installer? I needed net drivers after installing Hyper-V server on a Sun X4150. I downloaded the driver DVD from Sun and from the command prompt went to the D: (DVD) drive and ran setup.exe manually.


  2. Greg Lipschitz

    I am still hunting for where you need to copy the INF’s to if you don’t have an installer. It seems to be really well documented….. NOT!


  3. Aurélien

    I am trying to install Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 standlone on a Proliant but i have an error:the system need the driver of DVD drive.
    I need help…


  4. Muhammed Ghous Khan

    I install Hyper v with windows 2008 r2 , after installation its show’s command console panel, i configure it, but after restart its not show’s GUI base environment , its always show’s console panel, what should i do.


  5. Guillermo

    Hi I try to work with hyper-V core and I installed the administration console in other machine, but I have a problem I have my Hyper-V server in one Network and the administration console in other subnet. in this subnet I have the administration console and the SCVMM Server.
    The firewall beteewn the two subnets is closed and I have to send only the ports that I have to use but I don´t know wich ports I need to open in the firewall to communicate beteewn host and hyper-v consle and host to scvmm console

    do you have a list with all of the ports that I need?
    Thanks for your help



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