Hyper-V 3.0 resource metering…

If you are hosting or if you just want to get the idea how is your Windows server 2012 with hyper-v role or hyper-v 3.0 server utilised you can use the hyper-v 3.0 resource metering powershell cmdlets…

First you need to enable metering on your host:

Get-VM -ComputerName hv01 | Enable-VMResourceMetering

Then you can choose the VM that you want to get info for:

Get-VM -ComputerName hv01 -Name VMName | Measure-VM

or differently formated:

Get-VM -ComputerName hv01 | Measure-VM | Sort-Object -Property AverageProcessorUsage -Descending | Select-Object -First 5 -Property ComputerName,VMName,AverageProcessorUsage

More commands you can find on:


But that’s “ugly” output 🙂 if you want to have nice graphical view of your stats you can use freeware:

http://poshstats.net/ – great software!

Lets meter!


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