Hyper-V FreeBSD shutdown problem workaround

Thanks to Mike … 

Mike wrote: 

“I’ve found an even easier way to do this.  I found a PowerShell Hyper-V script at:


It has a lot of functions already, and I added a “Kill-VM” function that automates the kill process:

Kill-VM <VM name>

My modified script is attached to this message.

To use it, you need to install PowerShell (Under Server Manager -> Features in Win2008).  Once installed, run PowerShell from Start -> Search, find the script, and type:

. .\hyperv.ps1

Once loaded into memory, type:

Kill-VM <VM Name>


Click here to download script – hyperv-script.zip

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  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Luka,

    we have the same problem with freebsd vm. I also tried the HV script but I get no reaction at all. The powershell accepts the command with no output and no reaction. Ping-VM shows also no output.
    Any hints?


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